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Poster: Alison OK Date: Nov 16, 2018 10:49am
Forum: news Subject: YBCA: QUANTOPIA: The Evolution of the Internet

A celebration of the history of the Internet, QUANTOPIA is a tribute to the depth and high stakes of free speech and creative expression involved in our daily use of media.

World Premiere: Teaming up with Internet Archive and data artist Greg Niemeyer, composer/multimedia artist Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky created QUANTOPIA: The Evolution of the Internet, featuring performances by DJ Spooky, Classical Revolution and San Francisco Girls Chorus.

QUANTOPIA, defined as the utopia of quantification —the dream that we can count, measure, and weigh everything and reach a perfect understanding of the world despite its paradoxes— brings new, fresh perspectives on the 50-year evolution of information technology. Philosopher Marshall McLuhan said that the new media “works us over completely. It is so pervasive in its personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social consequences that it leaves no part of us untouched, unaffected, un-altered.”

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